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Eleven Speed Coffee has been many years in the making - after thirteen years in the corporate coffee industry I had the opportunity to take a break and re-assess life's priorities.

Many bike rides later and countless cups of specialty coffee from all over the world it was decided to jump back into the coffee world on my own terms - creating, roasting and loving a product that has been such an important fixture in my life over the years.

Eleven Speed has been created to be your daily cup of specialty coffee - we work closely with our suppliers to choose high quality, economically traceable and sustainabley grown beans. We roast according to our tastes, a fairly light roast, which allows us to showcase the terroir of each batch and the work that each farmer puts in to grow a bean that they and their family can be proud of.

At Eleven Speed Coffee, we really try not to take ourselves to seriously - we love coffee and love the science and art that go into each roast, however we are not (too) pretentious of our roasts - there really is no 'best' or 'perfect' cup - coffee as with wine, beer or how you like your steak done is highly personal - so we roast to how we like our cup and hope you agree with us! 

Eleven Speed Coffee is all about passion - passion for not only the coffee we roast, but for the farmers, the producers, the regions, you our customers and the community we thrive in.

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