KENYA | KAGUMOINI LOT 16 | AA - Eleven Speed Coffee


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Country: Kenya
Region: Murang'a County
Producer Kagumoini Wet Mill
Elevation: 1750 masl
Cultivar: Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28
Process: Fully Washed

Notes: Pineapple Sweet Figs Lemon & Dry Champagne

Available September 1st

Kagumoini wet mill organized as part of the Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society when this was first allowed, in 1993, and has been silently but steadily growing its base ever since. It’s base is more than 1300 active smallholder members who bring in cherry by the pillow-sack or jute-bag. The cooperative votes to invest a portion of fees towards a fund that for school fees, emergencies, and farm implements. They also invest in a standing program to promote ‘Good Agricultural Practices’, standard training that boosts both productivity and quality. The third leg of their program is built around sustainable water management, both on the farm and at the mill.