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Country: Brazil
Region: Vulcânica
Producer Patrick dos Reis Rosa Franco
Elevation: 910 - 1200masl
Cultivar: Arara
Process: Pulped natural (honey)

Notes: vanilla, molasses, milk chocolate, brown sugar

Patrick graduated in agronomy and lives on the farm with his wife Janaína and their three children - two boys and a girl. His parents, Seneval and Gislaine, also live on the property, ensuring the legacy and essence of what coffee represents in their lives. Always learning from his father Seneval and his uncle, they lead the farm with skill and determination, always remembering everything that coffee has brought and brings to their lives. Besides the financial support, coffee sustains the family's unity through coffee cultivation.

Amidst the charming landscapes of the volcanic region bordering the municipalities of Bandeira do Sul and Campestre lies Fazenda Roseira. Here, the stories of coffee intertwine with the family's own history, spanning over a century in coffee cultivation. Patrick, the fourth generation of producers, recounts the many stories surrounding the farm's coffee. His grandmother even tells of the time when a coffee from the farm was selected to be served to the Pope. The challenges over the years in coffee cultivation showcase how everything has evolved. In 1962, they installed a coffee pulper, something very unusual at the time. Patrick remembers hearing his grandmother talk about the ripening of the beans, which were very beautiful, but technology was still very timid back then, and the family ended up choosing not to use the pulper after a while because labor was very difficult, and managing the wet process became unfeasible. However, to this day, there is still a mark on the cement showing the record of when they first attempted to pulp their coffee. In 1979, frost brought devastation to the region, testing the resilience and determination of the Roseira family. Despite the adversities, they rebuilt their plantations and emerged even stronger, demonstrating the spirit of resilience and perseverance of the entire family. Today, Fazenda Roseira continues to honor its tradition of excellence and innovation. A new wet mill was built a few years ago, and this time everything was different. The peeled cherries revamped the entire post-harvest process of the farm, ensuring exceptionally high-quality coffees and addressing what was a bottleneck for them: space on the patios for drying. With a combination of technological advancements and the expertise of several generations, the property has become a benchmark in the production of specialty coffees, even being a finalist in various competitions, with pulped coffees scoring above 90 points.