The project, which began almost five years ago, is a collaboration with Camilo Merizalde, the pioneering Colombian behind the Santuario project, plus the Santuario fermentation expert, Ivan Solis, from Costa Rica using an anaerobic fermentation procedure.

Fazenda Santuário Sul is a project born from the objective of being at the vanguard of new market trends. It is not simple to begin a plan thinking of bringing coffees from different regions of the world to create a new profile of Brazilian coffee. The coffees grown here are reflections of the obstinacy of Luiz Paulo and his partners. Today, in addition to traditional Brazilian varieties, like Yellow Bourbon, the farm has more than 30 exotic varieties of coffee, differentiated growing practices, such as shaded fields, and innovative processes (New Flavors). Santuário Sul is located next to one of the most traditional farms in Carmo de Minas, Irmãs Pereira, where its coffee is processed. With great care, the varieties planted are closely monitored to provide the best results from the climatic conditions of the region. In addition, Luiz Paulo himself insists on cupping the first samples of each of these coffees. For the next few years, Luiz Paulo has no doubt “the goal is to lead the vanguard of the market and offer ever more quality!”

Brazil | Fazenda Santuário Sol

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