We are so excited to have Sidama Nansebo back on our stocklist! For those that have been buying 11spd for a while, you will remeber this exceptional coffee from a couple of years back -  A beautiful high altitude (2300masl) coffee, bursting with notes of honey, vanilla raspberry iced tea and a delicate mouth feel - if you enjoy a great Ethiopian - do not miss this one!!


West Arsi, is in the South East of Ethiopia, bordering Bale Mountains, and coffee grows on 2300 metres. Moplaco names West Arusi to be the Kenyan of Ethiopia. Bright and high acidity and spicy. Badessa is a town and separate woreda in eastern Ethiopia. It is located in the West Hararghe Zone of the Oromia Region, at the base of a spur of the Chercher Mountains 40 km south of the Addis Ababa.


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