Our first release of a special purchase from the small community of Mataquescuintla in Gautemala - this coffee is off the hook good! Super clean, super sweet - Beautiful, balanced up front brown suger notes give way to a hint of tangerine fruit and a almost effervescent herby/spicy finish - this one truely sparkles on the palate. Erick Pineda only produced nine 70kg sacs in the March harvest, I was lucky to get one - which means this one will not last!


From Erick Pineda (translated from Spanish):



'Finca Las Manzanillas located in the coffee producing area in the south east of Guatemala at 1800 feet above sea level has been growing coffee since 1980, when Eufemio Pineda sowed them. He was a pioneer by implementing the use of nursery beds in Mataquescuintla. Our varieties are Pache Amarillo, Pache San Ramon. Our coffee has made us one of the best cups of coffee in the nation because of its exquisite aroma and special flavour. We are committed to caring for the environment and the different resources nature has to offer because I want an environment that's healthy and sustainable, where biodiversity is respected and present and future human generations can live. Owner and personnel have been constantly fighting against mega mining projects through peaceful means. We are pleased and thankful with your decision to choose our coffee. Thank you for trusting our product, and thanks to your purchase our product has gotten the merit it deserves and helps us stay out of the reach of the mining companies'

Guatemala | Mataquescuintla | Erick Pineda

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