No. Eleven Blend - A perfect comapnion to your moring coffee ritual - This roast will change with the seasons, but will always folow the same profile. Slightly darker than our normal roast, this bean is roated to bring out some of the smokey, dark chocolate note that blend well with milk. French Press, you bet! Drip machine, for sure! Espresso, yup! However you brew, Number Eleven Blend will satisfy!


Currently:  A single origin Guatemala from the district of Mataquescuintla, produced by Marciano Ortiz - this lot is the second offering from our special purchase from Bows & Arrows, sourced directly from the farmers, this is a true 'relationship' coffee! A fairly typical Guatemala, good strong notes of chocolate and nut, a nice fruit background gives this roast a nice finish.

Beautiful as an espresso, but works nicely as a medium to dark drip as well.


espresso ratio: 18g in, 40g out @ 9bar over 38 seconds.

Number Eleven Blend | Sweet & Balanced

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