The northern valleys of the Eastern Highlands are economically vibrant with intensive smallholder coffee production and good road access to markets in Goroka and Lae. Average annual rainfall is relatively low and varies between 1800 and 2800 mm, with a moderate to long dry season in the eastern half of the province.

The highest potential land is in the Asaro, Benabena and Fengatu valleys. These areas are among the most productive in the country. Rainfall, slope, temperature, soil and light are ideal for production of many crops, including coffee. Management practices such as use of peanut rotation, tillage, drainage and small mounds increase land potential and supports long periods of crop production.

Coffee for our Mount Jabara blend is sourced from plantations around the plains of Lufa, Okapa and Asaro at elevations of 1,700-2,000m with fertile, volcanic red earth and deep sandy loam soils. Flowering in these areas happen later than other parts of the province with later crop harvest due to lower temperatures and higher cloud covers.

With this ideal natural environment, coffee sourced from plantations around these areas have nice cup profiles with bright acidity, medium body and citrusy fruit notes with a smooth mouth feel.


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