Country: Peru

Region: Vista Alegre - Colasay, San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Producer: Juan Mondragon & Lillana Toro

Farm: El Cedro

Elevation: 1830 masl

Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor

Process: Fully washed, Dry ferment 25 – 30 hrs

Certification: Farmer traceable, Organic

Notes: Dark berry, Chocolate, Apple


Out of dozens of coffees from the small town of Colasay in Peru, the coffee from Juan Mondragon and his wife Liliana Toro were among the top lots of the season. With a heavy dark fruit sweetness, this coffee is showcasing the potential of Colasay, an area not quite as well known for quality in the country.


Juan Mondragon is a 3rd generation coffee farmer. Together with his wife Liliana Toro, they they have been managing their El Cedro farm since 2013. El Cedro is a 2 hectare farm planted mostly with coffee, but the family also grows a small amount of yuca, maiz, and banana. In 2019, after hearing good things about the working with the exporter Origin Coffee Lab, Juan and Liliana decided to turn in coffee and work with them. It paid off this year when their coffee was selected as some of the best of the season and paid high premiums.


After picking and sorting cherries for ripeness, the coffee is pulped into a small tank for fermentation. Fermentation is done dry, meaning it is fermented without being submerged in water. Fermentation time averages around 25-30 hours, depending on weather. Drying is done on patios for 10-15 days. days.

PERU | EL CEDRO MONDRAGON | dry fermentation

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