Limit 2 bags per customer, please! Coffee will be delivered after Thursday July 16thSulawesi is different from the rest of Indonesia in many ways, but different still is PT Toarco Jaya. This joint Japanese and Indonesian venture established in 1976 by Key Coffee produces quality coffee that has made it a household name. Coffee is screened for defects at collection stations and at Toarco Jaya’s collection office just outside the Bolu Market in Rantepao. Accepted lots are transported to the milling facility. After hulling, density separation, screening, and hand-sorting, every 10kg of green coffee they receive is inspected for defects. After passing QC, each 5 bags are subject to another inspection of a distributed sample before cupping for flavor profile and consistency. It’s an incredibly rigorous system. The traditional path for the coffee in this region is to be sold by volume at a regional market and resold by weight (or sometimes by volume again) at the giant Pasar Bolu market in Rantepao. This allows each person in the supply chain to receive payment immediately, but usually benefits the collectors the most, and scuttles some traceability. But some local players are following in the footsteps of Toarco Jaya, and are departing from tradition. Toarco Jaya circumvents this process not only by growing coffee on their own Pedamaran Plantation which surrounds their processing facility, but also by sourcing coffee from trusted producers throughout the region and subjecting the offerings to strict quality control. While most of their coffee comes from these surrounding farms, their quality control is so stringent that they have made a name for themselves in specialty coffee by upholding these standards over the course of more than 40 years. That is to say, you’re in good hands with this coffee. One of my favorite selections from Indonesia, Toarco Jaya shows the full potential of Indonesian coffee. Look for bright acidity, curiously clean tropical fruit notes, and a molasses sweetness at darker roast levels. A truly special coffee to behold! From Royal Coffee, words: Evan Gilman


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