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Country: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Washing station: Monte Verde
Cultivar: Bourbon & Pacas
Process: Washed & Natural

We completely get it - coffee can be confusing - it should not be. As coffee professionals we like to throw around terms - natural, washed, honey, anaerobic... Most people will just nod along, worried they are the only ones who don't get it. From day one Eleven Speed's mission has to bring you exceptional coffee without all the pretension. does it really matter if your coffee is washed or natural or honey? Yes, kind of - both processes will produce a very different end result & coffee experience, by understanding the differences in coffee production techniques, you can make better choices when approaching Specialty Coffee!

All that to say, we have your back! We have sourced this incredible lot of coffee from el Salvador - featuring the same farmer & the same lot, split in half and processed as a washed and as a natural (trust us this is exciting!) Try the coffees side by side to find the differences and similarities. Each pack contains two 200g packs, one natural & one washed, a card giving a deeper dive into the different processes, plus instructions on how to blend the two coffees to create your own, unique coffee blend!

The Contreras family grew up listening to the stories of their grandparents about how they formed what today is Finca Monte Verde, a family legacy of sacrifice and passion from over 100 years of experience. Influence from the farms biodiversity and shade has an extremely positive impact on the quality of coffee and environment, producing a variety of tasting notes ranging from chocolate and caramel to floral and fruity. Continuous improvements allow focus on diversifying the varieties of coffee, implementing better post-harvest practices, new processing techniques. These newfound practices not only help produce a coffee of excellent quality but also helps to grow as an independent coffee grower, growing the family business, and creating the opportunity to contribute to the development of Canton Monte Verde where the farm is located.