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Country: Rwanda
Region: Gakenke district
Producer: Bumbogo CWS
Farm: 523 smallholder farmers
Elevation: 1400 - 1750masl
Cultivar: Red bourbon
Process: Natural
Notes: Warmed honey, pineapple, citrus, wine like acidity

Bumbogo is the closest station to Kigali and one to look out for in the years to come. It has a very high ceiling for potential and a recognizable flavour profile.

The majority of the workers at Bumbogo are women, and this mill, as well as others that Muraho Trading Co operates are trying to empower the female workforce in Rwanda!

There is a wide variety of processing techniques now being practiced at Bumbogo. For the majority of their volume, they utilize a Pinhal Maquina coffee depulper to seperate the cherry from the seeds, they're both then macerated using a stomp-down-song-and-dance process called 'Ikinimba' and co-fermented in a ceramic, open-air tank for approximately 12 hours, beginning in the evening as the temperature cools considerably. In the morning, the coffee is washed with clean flowing water in a serpentine channel, once again separating the cherry from the seeds, while more importantly, sorting the seeds by density.

This coffee is a true espresso champ, bright & citrusy, we recommend an 18g fine grind, 35 seconds, 42g output. Of course as a natural processed Rwandan, it is no slouch as a pour-over as well!