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Country: Ethiopia
Region: West Arusi
Sub region: Nansebo, Bulga 
Wash station: Andinet Degaffe
Elevation: 1900 - 2100 masl
Cultivar: Heirloom
Process: Natural & Washed

.Welcome to Eleven Speed Coffee School!
Lesson #1 - Processing methods

What do you look for when choosing a coffee? the Country of origin - Ethiopia, Guatemala? The Region - Yigacheffe, Huehuetenango? the colour of the bag decal? 

Deciphering the info on a bag of Specialty coffee can be an intimidating process - why do you need to know the elevation, what exactly is a cultivar? Is African bed better than patio dried?

Eleven Speed wants to help you gain a better understanding of the affects of different processes, varietals, roast development and origin in a unique series of coffee offerings.

Lesson #1 is all about post harvest processing, Natural vs Washed. 

In this lesson you will receive two 250g bags of Ethiopia Sidamo coffee, the same varietal, wash station & harvest date - the only difference is the post harvest processing method. 

The Lesson #1 kit includes: one 250g bag each of washed and natural processed Sidamo Nansebo coffee, a card describing the coffee and each process, brewing recommendations for cupping, pour over and espresso extractions, a card to make notes on your tasting.

These lessons are intended to be fun and educational - as coffee is a social beverage, try to do the tasting with friends, partners or family!

Lesson # 2 will be available mid-May and will guide you through Origins!