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Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu, Central Kenya
Sub Region: Githunguri
Farmer: John Kahata Mucau
Elevation: 1670 - 1750 masl
Cultivar: SL23, SL34, 
Process: Washed, hand sorted, sun dried on raised beds
Local Strava Segment: 
Notes: Blackcurrent, black tea, apricot, lemon, honey, complex



We are so excited to have this single origin, micro-lot coffee on offer for the holidays! To understand how excited we are you must understand the Kenyan coffee industry. Traditionally all coffee from Kenya came through the Kenya Coffee Exchange, funneling monies to the exchange and traders rather than the farmers - Kenyan coffee growers typically earn less then $250 annually, think about that for a minute! Vava Angwenyi started Vava Specialty Coffee in 2009 with a goal of bringing the best coffee to the world and put more dollars in the farmers pockets. We have no problem paying higher prices for our green stock when we know the farmers are benefiting.

Our first offering comes from John Kahata Mucau's farm in Central Kenya. Perfectly situated for growing great coffee, John grows SL23 & SL34. John receives support from the team at Kahawa Bora  that mills his coffee. He also receives regular training from field agronomists in good agriculture practice, including fertilizer application, pruning guidance and renovation advice, which helps keep his farm in optimal condition.

John's farm is categorized as a 'small estate' in Kenya. Traditionally, many farmers of this size deliver their cherry to a centralized cooperative-owned 'factory' (washing station) where all their production is mixed with other farmers of the region. John has decided to operate his own small wet-mill, processing his own cherry and ensuring full traceability.

At the end of the day - we absolutely love Kenyan coffee! Adding in the traceability & the fact that this is just damn good coffee is a bonus!