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Country: Nicaragua
Region: Matagalpa
Farm: La Huella
Producers: Fincas Mierisch
Elevation: 1315 - 1400 masl
Cultivar: Red Pacamara
Process: Cold Anaerobic Natural

Notes: Chocolate raspberry tiramisu, mango, nectarine, kiwi and smooth as a Eddy Merckx pedal stroke

So, what makes you so special...

This is our Christmas present to ourselves, a bean that should require no introduction, a crazy ass process and one of the Worlds top coffee producers - its the trifecta of coffee nerdiness!

First up - what is Pacamara? Pacamara is a coffee born in El Salavador in the 1940's combining Pacas & Maragogype ( get it? Paca/Mara/) varieties, originally combining the two varietals to help fight disease, increase yield and quality. These beans are huge - Maragoype is often referred to as 'the elephant' bean for its size - making getting a correct roast quite difficult.  Pacamara thrives at higher elevations and lower light environments, this creates a slow growing environment that intensifies the natural sugars beautifully,

Second - who is Fincas Mierisch anyway? Just one of Central America's, if not the World's - most respected coffee producers. a five generation grower with over 110 years of coffee production experience and multiple Cup of the Year awards. We are honoured to have their coffee available to you!

Lastly - Cold Anaerobic Natural Fermentation - yeah, to be honest here, a bit of marketing hype. Anaerobic Fermentation pretty much needs to be done at lower temperatures, so take that as you may... However, we have been really digging the whole Anaerobic fermentation thing this year - Coffee ferments while processing - as soon as it is picked it starts to ferment, how long and how it is ferments will dictate the final outcome. 

At the end of the day, this coffee rocks! so smooth, so flavorful, so creamy! We only have a small amount - 34kgs to be exact - and would be more than happy to drink it all ourselves - but we will share!

Only available on-line, in 250g packages.