YEMEN | MOCCA KHOLANI - Eleven Speed Coffee
YEMEN | MOCCA KHOLANI - Eleven Speed Coffee
YEMEN | MOCCA KHOLANI - Eleven Speed Coffee
YEMEN | MOCCA KHOLANI - Eleven Speed Coffee


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Country: Yemen
Region: Sa'adah Governorate
Grower: Muslot Trading Stores, Legacy farmers
Elevation: 1500 - 2200 masl
Cultivar: Audaini, Dawaery, Tuffahi
Process: Traditional natural process, hand picked, hand sorted, dried on traditional rooftops and terraces

Notes: Raspberry, rhubarb, herbal, white chocolate

It is very difficult not to get excited when Yemen coffee becomes available! Yemen is the oldest commercial producer of coffee in the World, the Coffee trade in Yemen can be traced back over 2000 years! Dutch traders would pick up sacks of coffee on their return from the Dutch West Indies (Indonesia) and roasters would blend the two coffees together, thus creating the ubiquitous Mocca Java coffee blend.

Yemen unfortunately is a Country with many deep problems - A war basically being fought between the Saudis (America) and Russia has been raging for years and has created one of the worst, and most under reported, humanitarian crisis in the world. Coffee remains one of the main products exported from Yemen, and employs over one million people. 

I was asked 'so, what makes this coffee so special?" - I guess if you drink Yemen coffee everyday, not too much really. However, I am thinking you don't. What makes this coffee so special is just how traditional it is - not a lot has changed over the 1100 or so years that Yemen has been producing coffee - it is grown on terraced hillsides, dried on rooftops and most importantly - this is a true varietal, a direct descendant from the original Ethiopian coffee plant, not modified, not hybrid'ed, just the coffee as was first cultivated and processed at the birth of coffee. So, is that special enough for you?

Beautiful as a medium drip, stellar as an espresso.