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info@elevenspeedcoffee.ca or text 250-217-6028

We are Eleven Speed Coffee, or rather, I am Eleven Speed Coffee - I have worked in the coffee industry for nearly twenty years and am pleased to combine my two passions to create Canada's premier cycling inspired coffee roaster!

Segi #6 of Christmas

I have curated what I feel are some very unique and exceptional coffees, We believe that the coffee tells the story and roast each batch to highlight each origin and varietal. it may be a different way of approaching roasted coffee, but it is how we like it!

Eleven Speed is roasted in very small batches daily in Victoria BC - We sell our beans on-line and through carefully selected, locally minded small businesses. We only purchase 'specialty grade' coffees to ensure quality and farmer traceability. 

I hope you enjoy our coffee!



What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is coffee that has been sourced and purchased by a 'q' grader - differing from 'premium' or 'gourmet' coffee, the specialty coffee system ensures high quality beans, better farmer traceability, supply chain accountability & enhanced environmental oversight Green beans are purchased mainly from small scale co-operatives and single plot farmers.


Why 'Eleven' Speed?

Lots of reasons! Eleven Speed indicates the number of 'cogs' on the rear cassette on your bike - ten speeds was common for many years until technology allowed for thinner cogs - Plus, Eleven is one faster than ten, to borrow from the wise words of Nigel Tufnel, so when you are peddling along at ten, you have nowhere to go - so my bikes, and my coffee all go one faster...to Eleven!


Do you do any sponsorship's or event promotions!

One for the most important pieces of our business is to give back to the local and National cycling community! We do not directly 'sponsor' any athletes or teams, but we do support amateur and pro athletes with coffee - who? Best to check out our Instagram account to see who has come through our doors! We also support many grass root cycling events - Cross on the Rock, Canada's largest grass roots cyclocross series has been awarding Eleven Speed Coffee prizes since 2017!


I hear you deliver orders by bike, is that correct?

You bet! when I started Eleven Speed in 2017, the idea was to roast coffee in the morning, then bike them around to customers - As the company has grown, I do not get out as much as I would like, but you will still see me bopping around town in my Eleven Speed Kit and backpack, dropping off beans - from Metchosin to North Saanich!