Eleven Speed Rides

Eleven Speed Rides!

For 2022 Eleven Speed wants to encourage you to get out and explore - push your comfort level a bit and discover what fantastic riding we have on Southern Vancouver Island! Every Month we will design a new Strava route and post it via a QR code on the back of our bags - all bags bought on-line or as a subscription will have the code attached - for purchases through one of our partners, message or email us the type of coffee and roasted on date and we will send the route. 

All routes will be mixed surface and fairly challenging - this of course is objective, but expect steep hills, techy single track, remote trails and some light trespassing. Most routes will be in and around Victoria, some will be up Island. Ride them alone or in a group. Post your ride to Strava and follow the Eleven Speed Coffee Cycling page, even better, take a snap along the route and post it to IG using the tag #elevenspeedrides - every month we will draw from the completed rides for a chance to win one of three bags of Eleven Speed Coffee. IG posts will earn you an extra entry!

Starting in March, Eleven Speed will organize a group ride so we can all hit that months route together.

And as always, ride safe, ride within your limits - Eleven Speed is not responsible for your actions or accidents on the route.