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Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gedeo
Producer: SNAP Coffee
Farm: Halo Village
Elevation: 1900 -2200masl
Cultivar: Dega & Wolisho
Process: Washed
Notes from the roaster: Sidama coffee is one of our favs to roast, a bit tricky with the high elevation, small hard bean and wanting to preserve the delicate floral and citrus notes it take a deft hand and watchful nose to bring this dreamy bean to crack. Fresh out of the roaster, I get creamy vanilla, blueberry and peach.

SNAP Specialty Coffee processes this washed lot at their newly built wet mill in Halo village in Gedeb woreda through a meticulous cherry selection, processing and drying at the Halo wet mill. 

Due to the late harvest this year, coffees were picked and delivered to SNAP’s wet mill during late October. They collect red cherry from 765 small holder farmers in the Halo village. 

During processing the skin of the fresh cherry is physically removed using water and a de-pulping machine. The coffee is then fermented in water for 24-36 hours, depending on weather conditions. The fermentation process removes the mucilage around the parchment which is thoroughly washed once fermentation is complete. The coffee is then graded based on density and soaked under clean spring water in tanks for 12-24 hours to remove all traces of fermented mucilage. Finally, the coffee is laid out to  dry on raised beds.